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Wilson Ultra 100L V3 Tennis Racket - Frame Only

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Generation 3 of the Ultra Racket by Wilson!

The Ultra 100L V3 Tennis Racket features a brand new gloss black, silver and Ultra blue coating making this the best looking Ultra to date. Behind the looks and design Wilson have upgraded two major metrics giving players seeking a classic horizontal swing in there game while having power and stability. The new composites used within the frame help keep the frame sturdy allowing a good plow-through the ball and giving the play more enjoyment with the power this racket can produce.

The Ultra 100L is the lightweight version of the Ultra 100. This racket weights 280g (unstrung) while the Ultra 100 weights 300g. Being 20grams lighter than it's sister racket, a player would find the Ultra 100L easier to handle and offer better maneuverability if they struggle with heavier rackets. Don't let the lighter weight put you off as the racket will still produce great power due to the technologies within the racket.

PowerProfile geometries have been looked at while improving the Wilson Ultra 100 tennis racket, they have managed to increase the sweet spot allowing extra power across the string bed.

We would recommend the Ultra 100L v3 Tennis Racket to players who like playing with a lighter racket. Due to the lightweight a player would find this easy to handle and maneuver while on the court. A junior player transitioning into an adults sizes tennis racket would like this due to the lightweight while would help improve their game and eventually go onto something a little heavier if suited.


  • Headsize: 100 sq.in
  • Weight (Unstrung): 280g
  • Balance: 32cm / Head Light
  • String Pattern:  16/19
  • Length: 27in