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Wilson Blaze SX7600 Badminton Racket

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The Blaze SX7600 Badminton Racket is designed for quick attacking player. This racket is lightweight which make it easy to handle and enables a fast pace game.

The slim shaft of the racket is more aerodynamic providing faster swing speeds for quicker player and faster response from your opponents hit.

A head heavy balance works a long side the medium flex shaft to give a great combination of power and good handling during your time on the court.

Soft Grommet technology helps with shock absorption in every impact, this give a more comfortable feel and reduces the risk of tennis elbow.


  • Slip Stream Design - For faster swing speeds
  • Speed Shaft - More aerodynamic
  • Shock Trap - Reduces vibrations through-out the racket


  • Weight: 6U
  • Balance: Head Heavy
  • Recommended Tension: 20-25lbs
  • Head: Isometric