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Hyperice AchillX Relaxroll Foam Roller - Grey

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AchillX Relaxroll by Hyperice!

The AchillX helps recovery after physical activities. Thanks to the Patented Contour Design of the roller, this conforms to your body allowing for a more effective and comfortable roll than a standard foam roller.

This can be used for calves, feet, forearms, necks and the Achilles tendon, making for a faster recovery, loosing off the muscles and improving movement after training.

Transportation of the AchillX isn't a problem, thanks to weighing less than 52g, this is perfect for traveling with and having with you in your equipment bag. Constructed with high quality. long lasting expanded polypropylene (EEP) this is highly durable.


  • Ideal density for self myofascial release
  • Lightweight & Durable: Perfect for travel and function
  • Eco-Friendly: 100% recyclable EPP made without harmful pollutants or chemicals
  • Made in Germany: Experience the quality of state-of-the art German engineering