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Dunlop Force Revelation 135 Squash Racket

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Dunlop Force Revelation 135 Squash Racket gives high power and racket speed. Good for playing fast around the court the revelation uses an open throat and powermax stringing to enhance stringbed power.


Features & Technology

Hyper Fibre - Ballistic fibres in the weave of the racket improve the stiffness of the frame for improved power transfer

AeroSkin Cx - Inspired by the textured skin of sharks and then developed in a wind tunnel the surface of the racket is designed to smooth turbulent air for 36% reduced aerodynamic drag. This allows a greater swing speed and higher power.

MoS2 Grommets - Designed to be like snake skin, the grommet polymer MoS2 is self lubricating. This reduces the friction on the string by 27% increasing string and grommet life.

Extended Powermax Stringbed - An open throat area allows the slimming of the upper to change the head from control to power. By using shared throat grommets to give more of a fan effect from the stringbed it lengthens the widest mains for a larger sweet spot

CXMax - A concave cross section around the upper of the hoop aids in aerodynamics for greater head speed.

Flight Geometry - A pentagonal cross section around the throat balances aerodynamics with racket stability for speed and control


  • Weight: 135 g
  • Balance: Head-Light
  • Head Size: 500 sq cm
  • String Pattern: 14 x 18