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Racket Restringing Service

Strings looking tired? or maybe you just fancy something fresh to see you into the new season.

Please call: 01522537311 or email: sales@racketsexpress.co.uk for any details and extra information about the service. We stock a great range of strings which suit your play.

    Racket Restringing Service

      Turnaround Time for Restringing:

      If dropping off your racket in store or simply sending us your racket, our turnaround for restringing is 24hrs after receiving your racket.

      Please note, If you choose to send your racket via a postal service/courier, there will be an extended time due to booking a delivery to send your racket back.

      When purchasing a racket online and selected the re-stringing upgrade, please give an extra working day for dispatch. This applies for Next Day Delivery Services also. We will dispatch as soon as possible via the service you've selected.

      Order made after 3:00pm, will be dispatched the next working day.



      Tennis Rackets prices from  £18.00 - £32.00

      Squash Rackets prices from £26.00 - £28.00

      Badminton Rackets prices from £25.00 - £28.00

      Own string: If you want us to string your racket with a pre-purchased string, we will charge a labour price of £20.00 for restringing the racket.



      Tennis Racket Strings:

      Wilson Synthetic Gut Power - White or Black - Durability & Power £26.00
      Wilson NXT Comfort 16 (White) - Feel & Comfort £28.00
      Wilson NXT Duromax 15 (White) - Power, Spin, with added durability
      Wilson SGX 16 (Pink) - Crisp & Comfortable Feel £18.00
      Wilson Luxilon 125 Alupower Rough (Silver) - Power & Spin (No1 String on Tour) £30.00
      Wilson Ripspin 15 (Black) - Spin, Power & Control £26.00
      Wilson Shock Shield 16 (Blue) - Increased Comfort & Control £28.00
      Wilson Shock Shield Mono 17 (Blue) - Provide nice access to spin and added comfort. £28.00
      Wilson Revolve Spin 16 & 17 (Black, Green or Orange) - Five Sided Co-Polyester with Exceptional Spin & Control. £26.00
      Wilson Synthetic Gut Duramax 16 & 17 (White) - Durability & Tension maintenance £24.00
      Wilson Luxilon 125 Alupower (Silver, Green, Lime, Light Blue or Red) - Control, Spin, Durability & Feel £28.00
      Wilson Luxilon Element 125 (Bronze) - Greater Comfort and Power. Gives off less vibration for added comfort. £28.00
      Wilson Sensation Comfort 16 (White) - Provides a nice blend of feel & playability. Offers more spin potential. £26.00
      Wilson Spin Duo 15 (White) - Offers spin, control and durability £26.00
      Babolat RPM Blast (Black) - Maximum Control, Durability and Spin (Great for big hitters) £28.00
      Babolat M7 (White) - Soft & Comfortable Feel £26.00


      Origin (White) - Crisp response with great feel £25.00


      Synthetic Gut (Natural) - Great all round string £24.00


      Synthetic Gut (Yellow, Blue, Orange) - Great all round string £18.00


      VS Touch (Natural) - Unmatched combination of power, comfort and feel £28.00


      SG SpiralTek (Black) - Great all round playability. Good balance of comfort, power, durability & spin. £26.00
      Pro Kennex Super Spin X (White) - Spin, Control & Durability £24.00
      Yonex Poly Tour Pro 125 (Fluo Green) - Spin, Control & Feel £26.00
      Prince Topspin Duraflex 15L (White) - Combination of Durability & Spin which providing control.
      Prince Synthetic Gut Multi 16 (Natural) - Offers plenty of comfort along with decent power. £22.00
      Prince Lightening XX16 (White) - An all-round performance string. Offers greater power and increased durability. £24.00
      HEAD Lynx (Black) - Ideal for aggressive players so they can hit with confidence while getting control and feel without losing durability. £22.00


      Squash Racket Strings:

       Brand String Price
      Technifibre DNAMX (Black) - Fast, attacking player. 100% elasticity for power. £28.00
      Technifibre X-One Biphase (Red) - More power due to Elastyl fibre. Plays like a natural gut. £28.00
      Ashaway Ultra Nick 17 (Green) - Increased power. Braided surface maximises control and increases spin. Exceptional ball control and soft feel. £26.00
      Ashaway Power Nick 18 (Red) - Power & Durability/ Outer spiral braid to add spin. £28.00
      Ashaway Super Nick XL Titanium (Silver) - Textured surface for better control. A resilient and very durable string. £28.00
      Ashaway Super Nick XL Micro (Yellow) - Durable with good control & feel. £26.00
      Wilson Sensation Strike (White) - Power with raised textured outer edge. £28.00
      Karakal Hot Zone 120 (Red, Orange, Green, Black or Blue) - Exceptional power without sacrificing comfort. £26.00


      Badminton Racket Strings:


      String Price


      BG 80 (Fluo Yellow) - Excellent playability and power. £26.00


      BG 80 Power (White) - Powerful string which holds tension for longer. £28.00


      BG 65 (White or Red) - Popular all round string. Ideal for control players. £25.00


      Frames can not be guaranteed to completely hold during the restringing service due to stresses and fractures that can generate out of sight during their use while on the court, which may substantially affect the integrity of the racket. We, therefore refuse to accept liability for cracks in the frame, especially ones that may be amplifies during restringing.


      Grip Replacement & Grip Enlargement Service

      We also offer smaller jobs such as Grip Replacement or Grip Enlargement.

      This service is FREE when purchasing a grip from our range but pre-purchased grips, we charge £2.00 per racket.

      The turnaround for grip replacement is extremely quick.


      Please call: 01522537311 or email: sales@racketsexpress.co.uk for any details.