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Squash Ball Information Guide

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Squash Ball Information Guide

Buying Squash Balls might sound simple but it's important that you purchase the right squash balls for you level and court type.

Squash balls are levelled using dots on the ball, for example: a Dunlop competition squash ball will have 1 yellow dot which gives a slightly higher bounce, allowing up to 10% more hang time to play your shot.

The higher bounce squash balls are aimed for beginner players as the ball will be large than a standard squash ball and will be easier to return thanks to the higher bounce.

A lower bounce squash ball is aimed more towards recreational to competition players. The bounce is lower which makes the ball harder to hit and return. A beginner would struggle to play with this ball.

See below our guide for choosing the squash ball which suits you.

 Dot Colour Ball Speed Potential Bounce Type of Player Ball
Double Yellow Dot Extra Super Slow Lowest Bounce Competition Players Dunlop Pro
Single Yellow Dot Super Slow Low Club/Experienced Players Dunlop Competition
Single Red Dot Slow Low Recreational & Club Players Dunlop Progress
Single Blue Dot Fast High Beginner Dunlop Intro