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Replacement Grips & Over Grips for your Racket

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Replacement Grips & Over Grips for your Racket

Here at Rackets Express, we have many replacement grips for tennis rackets, squash racquets and badminton rackets. Replacement grips are used why your current/original grip is wearing out. Grips are a layer of protection on the racket as well as provide your with feel and comfort when holding your racket during a game.

Without a good grip you can find your hand slipping which affects control in your swing and stability. We have racket grips with different textures and surfaces from the biggest brands.

Over grips are great for protecting your original grip and providing better feel in your racket. Over grips can also be used to thicken the handle for a large grip size. We recommend to replace over grips regularly due to hygiene from the sweat the grips can collect through your games.

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