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Choosing the right Shuttlecock for you


Standard Medium Speed (Blue Capped Tube)

Shuttlecocks are graded by speed. If you have reached a certain level which you feel comfortable playing a competitive game and able to hit baseline to baseline, we recommend a standard medium speed shuttlecock which is normally indicated by a blue cap on the tube.

Fast Speed Shuttlecocks (Red Capped Tube)

A faster shuttlecock (red cap) would be preferred by players who can hit the shuttlecock but don't have enough strength in their shots. Faster shuttlecocks can travel further and more likely to hit towards the baseline. The faster speed is also great for beginner players as less strength is needed to produce longer shot.

Slow Speed Shuttlecocks (Green Capped Tube)

Slow Speed would be the preferred shuttlecock for players who play in the hotter, more humid countries.


Please note, temperature does make a difference in the way the shuttlecock will fly. When the court is cold the shuttle will move slower in the air so we recommend choosing a faster speed shuttle than usual and when the temperature is hot, the shuttle will fly faster, if you are unable to keep up with the speed, we recommend a slower shuttlecock.

If you are playing at high altitude, we recommend to use a slower speed shuttlecock.


Slow Speed - Use in very hot countries above sea level. Temperature between 22-33°C.

Medium Speed - Use in countries which are at sea level with temperatures of 12-23°C. (Very popular for UK customers)

Fast Speed - Use in colder countries below sea level. Temperatures ranging from 0-13°C.



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